How to take care of a solid doll

With the development of the sex toy industry, from the early inflatable dolls to the current beautiful and exquisite TPE sex dolls, the change is very huge, such as huge butt sex doll, hourglass figure sex doll.

TPE material, elasticity is better than silicone, in the feel and use of greatly increased playability and experience, the disadvantages are also very obvious, will be oil as well as smell, dyeing problems. TPE doll manufacturers such as wm doll, uxdoll, are constantly improving TPE materials and formulations, making the doll less oil, lower odor. This time the theme I give you a science of how to maintain the full body size TPE sex doll, how to prevent staining.


Water temperature is usually cool or lukewarm water, the water temperature could not too high, you can use water or can also wipe some body wash, after wash clean then dry it with a towel. More focused on how to clean the lower body of the doll, most manufacturers of gifts will have to send rinse tool, You can use the douche to rinse the doll’s lower body, after wiping with a wet paper towel or towel, after cleaning pour some talcum powder on your hands, patting the doll evenly.


This is a headache for most realistic sex doll lovers, dark clothes must not wear, or wash more times and then carefully wear, because the general clothes will lose color, then the doll will be stained with paint. Light staining can play more talcum powder, will play a role in prevention, staining more serious then apply some olive oil, the unusual way is to wipe the oil and then wrap the insurance film. Or you can also try to remove the color cream, but for heavy staining is basically not a solution.

Broken fold:

Life size TPE sex dolls are easy to encounter small cracks, encountered do not worry, you can buy a TPE repair agent online, use a hair dryer to blow hot grinding flat, wait for the air to dry the doll’s skin or will return to the original.