Hardcore cum fun!

Cum can be an awesome thing. It doesn’t start out that way. In the beginning you spend time trying to figure out how to hide your cum from prying eyes. Socks, trash cans, shower drains, etc. Heck, you might even steal a pair of your sisters panties to spunk in if you are really horny. As you get older, though, cum can be great fun!

One place you can go to find some fun cum fantasies is Cum Inflation on Reddit. This sub-reddit is all about going that extra mile and doing things nobody else would dare to do. Things get kinky. Like cumming directly into your babes uterus. Nothing like putting it right in the cum bank.

It is time to Make America Cum Again and you can do it anyway you please, but damn if this isn’t the best way to come up with some sexy ideas.