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Taking a multi-vitamin every day used to be a nightmare for me. It seemed like they were always huge, smelly horse pills. I couldn’t swallow them. It was awful. These days, I drink smoothies and add a scoop of flavored powder that provides me with all the nutrients recommended. It’s so much easier.

I thought about that while visiting Premium Bukkake today. These chicks are terrific at swallowing so, I wondered if they’d be able to manage those pills. Of course they could! Pornstars can take huge cocks down the throat and then swallow massive jizz smoothies. I bet they have no problem with multi-vitamins. It made me realize how pathetic my own swallowing abilities are and I respected their work a little more.

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I lived near an Army base for years and a lot of the older soldiers had German wives. Some of them were very sexy and I would have loved to lure hem away from their spouses for some fun, but they all seemed pretty faithful and not interested in me.

That’s okay though. The internet always provides. If a real life German woman won’t give me the time of day, at least I can count on porn to have videos of them getting fucked.

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I hope you guys can handle this Ladyboy because for once I need to admit when I’ve been defeated and that moment is now. I couldn’t help but to just give it all up for this cheeky looking girl. She had me right where she wanted me and that huge cumshot she gave me was something that I can’t beat.

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How Much Cum Can She Handle?

There are two type of people in the world. Those who are into Bukkake porn and those who are lying if they say they’re not. How could anyone not want to bust their load whenever they see those hot videos of sluts taking cumshots from guy after guy after guy? Plus, who wouldn’t want to be one of the lucky bastards in that room?

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She Says Oxygen Is Overrated

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You know when a girl has her mouth open, it has a huge smile, and the babe’s tongue is out that she is well and truly ready for that hot Cumshot. It doesn’t matter if that dude has been working her for the last hour or the last ten minutes. What does matter at least to me is seeing the look on her face and knowing that she is loving it.

Those are some obvious things to look for but yet there are many things that sometimes just don’t get the attention that others do. For example, just a few days ago I was paying my regular visit to Wankbus and checking out all the porn pictures. I was taking my time as usual and even though I did it still took me longer than usual to work out that I could easily go a few rounds with that beauty that was staring back at me with such intentful looking eyes.

Everything about her was telling me to get my cock out and show her what a real cumshot should feel like. While I am not usually this direct it was about time that I did something for myself. I hope she loves what is coming because I couldn’t stop it now even if I wanted to.

Babes Thirsty For Cum

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Typically, when I’m watching porn, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. My girlfriend isn’t a fan so I have to sneak and do it while she’s in the shower or while she’s sleeping. One of my favorite things about this site, is that the videos don’t waste a lot of time on corny dialogue. They just start with a beautiful babe stripping down, unless she’s already naked, and then straight to the action. It’s obvious the guys haven’t had sex or jacked off in a while, judging by the size of their loads. Sometimes they’re able to completely drench two girls with just one shot. This isn’t a romantic site. It gets straight to the point and is hot enough I’m always able to rub one out real quick without the old lady finding out.


Extreme Blowjobs and Facials

Is there anything hotter than a girl who loves sucking cock? It’s the ultimate pleasure because they’re not really getting a whole lot out of it. Despite what was depicted in the classic Deepthroat film, the clit is located nowhere near the tonsils, and these bitches are getting nothing more than a cock slammed down their throats until they cum.

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When I’m watching porn I want to see blowjobs and cumshots galore. It’s pretty much the only thing I’m looking for. Of course, some hot penetration is always nice, but what gets me going the quickest, is a good cock sucking. The messier the better in my opinion.

Giving head is typically one of the first ways a girl learns to please a man. That means it should be what they do best as they expand their sexual portfolios. If a girl is really getting into it and slobbering all over the hot rod, my cock starts leaking instantly. It’s truly hard for me to keep my load in my pants.

These sexy sluts have mastered the art of sucking dick and can pretty much make their partners cum on command. When it’s finally time for release, my favorites are when the ladies take the glorious loads right to the face. Letting cum drip down their chins and onto their chests is too much for me and I blow my own load every single time.


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